Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Human Body is a Balancing Machine

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Let’s advance our ideas on Posture ( further.

In this connection let me tell you a story. In the organisation I worked in, the first major product I designed was a Low Speed Vertical Dynamic Balancing Machine. It became necessary to design and fabricate this machine (if possible), as the only other option at the time was to take the rather flexible and fragile device that was to be balanced to a European country to conduct the necessary operations. I had never designed a machine of this sort before and so had to work up from first principles. After two years of work I even dumped a full set of fabrication drawings, since I was not too happy with the design and decided to start all over again.

… The machine was fabricated and it was time to test the machine; a protocol had to be set up for this purpose. In this regard, I had an interesting tussle with the head of Quality Assurance, with me (a junior engineer) insisting that a balanced system provides its own frame of reference and there was no necessity to mount a pre-balanced test hardware to calibrate the accuracy of the machine. The head of Q/A disagreed, and the pow-wow (of a friendly nature), with only the two of us present in a room, continued for almost half an hour, with me unwilling to concede any ground … Eventually we did test with a test hardware – only to simulate the inertial properties of the final object to be balanced, not to independently calibrate the accuracy of the balancing machine.

(Our team was awarded one of the National Research and Development Corporation awards for the Year 1977)


Similar to the dynamic balancing machine discussed above, the human body is effectively a balancing machine:

1. It is fully equipped to achieve a high level of balance.

2. No external frame of reference is required to determine whether our bodies are properly balanced or not.

3. If we know how to go about it, we can continuously fine tune this balance - after figuring out how to achieve proper coarse balance. Please visit and independently examine my suspicion that adult humans are balancing their heads in the wrong direction, leading to locking of the musculoskeletal system.

4. Human adults are not able to achieve proper balance because they are doing a number of things that are wrong - in addition to attempting to balance their bodies in the wrong direction. (Please visit the second page of website. Do also visit htttp:// )

5. People having improper body balance (which is 99% of adults), will be achieving a balance of sorts, in which large parts of the body are lumped together, without the fine differentiation that the body is capable of.

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